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This ONE-ON-ONE consulting program is designed to provide strategic help those in leadership positions, i.e., executives, managers, executive directors, entrepreneurs, looking to become more effective in their roles.   


  • Feel overwhelmed and that things are getting out of control? 
  • Do you try to "do everything yourself," because you don't trust anyone else to do it right?  
  • Do you wear many hats and, although you feel proud of that, you are really burnt out?
  • Are you struggling to get "the right things" done? 
  • Do you struggle to sell your new or existing ideas? 
  • Would you benefit from more self-confidence?

Through an exploratory process we will identify any potential roadblocks and design a plan get past them through new approaches and new daily activities that will help to produce successful outcomes.  

Two programs models to choose from: 

  • Individual Package - Working One-on-One with you, over a (3) month period going through a mentoring process to focus on your strengths and getting them to work for you; clarifying your vision for the company and creating an implementation strategy for getting the desired results

  • Premium Package - One-on-One Consulting + Team development: working with you first, then with your executive team over a (6) month period to gain necessary buy-in, select a champion of change and facilitate any strategic changes, as well as, helping the team to focus on a "SINGLE GOAL" in a spirit of cooperation.  

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