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Life Coaching Program 

This Life Coaching program is designed to introduce you to the world of personal development, or take you deeper into it, to the point of getting better results in your own life.  This coaching program is designed to help you to figure out several critical questions that need to be answered.  Once these core questions are answered and acted upon, they can create a strong foundation for personal and professional success.  This coaching program will provide motivation, inspiration, and accountability for achieving successful results. 

- Who are you, really?  

Most people have never answered that question, specifically.  Who you are is not: your job title, your role in a relationship or family, or your financial position; and, knowing who you really are, can lead you directly to your true purpose, which can add more meaning to 

- Where are you going?  

If you don't know where you are going, how are you going to get there?  If you did research and asked 100 people what is their ideal job, a common response would be, "I don't know?"  That may be okay if you are 13 years old; however, if you are 40 years old, and still don't have an answer to that question, my question is why not?  And, is that GOOD enough for you?  Having a clearly defined goal, will save you years of frustration and regret. 

- What is your unique personality style?

There are **4 dominant personality styles - (16 different styles total) according to Dr. Alessandra, and you have a dominant  and a secondary style.  "By knowing your unique style, as well as, the styles of those around you, which can provide a competitive advantage because you will already know their preferences and "how they like to be treated," and this can reduce tension and build more trust and cooperation with others."

**(As referenced in the book, The Platinum Rule, by Dr. Tony Alessandra)  

- Do you know your natural gifts?  

There are various gifts that we are each born with, ranging from physical abilities, to artistic talent, to having keen inter-personal skills, which can shed light on where you would best fit and you where can make the most impact in your work, etc.  Knowing your gifts, will help you to work in the best environment for you, based on your strengths.  

- What is your "Success Mindset?"  

Are your thoughts attracting success or repelling it?  As the late great Earl Nightingale stated in his program, "The Strangest Secret," he stated that "we become what we think about most!"   You will learn what the benefits are to having a "Success Philosophy" and how it can change everything for you and you will have principles you can rely on to move you above and beyond the next level.   

  • Blame vs. Taking 100% Responsibility?
  • Making excuses (reasons / alibis) or getting results?
  • Feelings of inadequacy vs. believing in yourself? 

When things go wrong, what do many people do?  Exactly!  They blame others for their failures.  However, until we realize that WE could actually be the problem - or at least the cause of the problem - we will never reach our full potential.  The first step on this journey is taking 100% responsibility for your own success or failure, and not making excuses.  

"If it's going to be, it's up to me!" 

 Robert Schuller 

Which path will you choose?

Career Coaching Program 

This program is designed for those that "Feel Stuck" in there career or jobs. Perhaps you picked your job because there was an ad or reference and now it's ten years later and you wonder how you got here?  Or, maybe you feel your skills and talents are not be fully being utilized and you are not satisfied.  According to Gallup Polls, 70% of Americans hate their jobs; and, according to a Forbes, June 2014 article, "Most Americans are unhappy at work." 

The principles covered in our program will be an asset to your career and will help you to move up in your job, or find ways to enjoy what you are currently doing.  For example: "By doing more than you get paid for", for example, you are really investing in yourself and in your own abilities and eventually, you will outgrow your position.  Hence, you can move up or move out!  Through developing more clarity and self-awareness, you can discover brand new opportunities that are literally "right under your nose" and are just waiting for someone to step up and take the challenge.   

Through a series of probing and assessments we can determine the "best fit" for an individual, based on their talents, skills and natural abilities, along with their personality style, their will be a natural fit.  Then a self-marketing package can be designed that includes your "Career Portfolio" as well as sharpening your interviewing skills for today's competitive workplace.  


"When YOU change, everything around you will change also." 


Jim Rohn


Entrepreneur / Small Business Coaching Program:

This entrepreneurial / small business coaching program is designed for those who have been bitten by the "Entrepreneurial Bug" and who wants to either make their ideas into reality or grow their existing small business; however, do you have what it takes to pull it off?  There are 6 areas to running a successful small business,  according to "The Small Business Bible," and NO entrepreneur is great at all 6 areas.  

During this program, we will examine the traits required to succeed with either stage that you are in, i.e., the "new" entrepreneur or an "existing" small business owner as well as a focus on the three most important areas of your operation: your team, your product or service, and your operating systems and strategies for success. 

Also, during this program you will sharpen your philosophy for success and you be led to take consistent action of applying the principles of success to your new venture or existing small business.  In this coaching program, you will learn: 

  • What is the entrepreneurial profile, and how to develop it
  • Principles for small business success
  • Identifying your "Why" for doing what you seek to fuel your desire for success
  • Sharpening your philosophy: Your mental blue print for success
  • Feasibility of your concept: it only takes (1) great idea to succeed
  • Steps for launching your new venture and/or growing your existing business



"Whatever the mind of man/or women can conceive and believe, it can achieve"


Napoleon Hill

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