7 Ways to Turn Passion into Profit


Let’s go back to your childhood or young adulthood; what were the things that you enjoyed doing most?  Was it doing artistic projects, playing or coaching sports, playing music, setting up projects, craftsmanship, leading games, or something else? 

                Now imagine, doing something that you loved to do, and getting paid to do it?  Take a moment right now, and get to a quiet place; close your eyes, and visualize what things brought you the most joy while doing it.  It’s okay to have several things, we can narrow it down later, just get a list started.  If you look at many entrepreneurs and examine their past, they were showing early initiative and doing things at a young age like, cutting people’s grass, ironing clothes, shoveling snow, doing handyman work, serving others, or setting up a lemonade stand! 

                Next, ask yourself, “Is this something that could benefit others, if offered as a service?”  Why do I ask that question?  Consider the following quote by the late Jim Rohn (Mr. Success Philosophy):

“Money is what we received, in exchange for the services that we provide to others.” “Then we use that money to receive the services of others.” If we provide:

Excellent Services = Excellent Income

Good / Fair Services = Good / Fair Income

Poor or No Services = Poor / No Income

Serve a few people = Get a little compensation

Serve more people = More compensation

Serve the masses = Massive Rewards & Wealth

1.       Examine those things you had a passion for and pick the ONE that a large number of people could benefit from.

2.       Do whatever you need to do to become an expert at doing it.  (Read, take a course, find an example of someone succeeding and “Emulate” not “Imitate” them and associate if possible.

3.       Identify those people who could benefit the most (target market) and create a plan to reach them where they are, i.e., e-mail, phone calls, flyers, etc.

4.       Ask People: Do research to identify what they want, what their “pain points” are and how your service can eliminate it.

5.       Set a reasonable price after researching what others are charging for similar services.

6.       Set your goals and be specific about what you want!  (How much money, by when, your plan and what you are willing to give up, (There’s No free lunch!), and write out your statement with this information and read it 2 times per day until it’s a part of you.) (Think & Grow Rich)

7.       START NOW!  Don’t wait until everything is perfect, or make excuses, just start where you are and you will be on your way!