August 2016 - Why Are You Hear? 

Why are you here?

In our last message, the question was, “Who are you?”  The next logical step of discovery is, “Why are you here?  Now, it may take more than a few minutes of self-reflection to discover your true purpose, however, it is possible.  Just think about what it took for you to actually get here:  Besides “Divine purpose,” the physical struggle of getting here was highlighted by a scientific analyst who counted how many opportunities there are in the birthing process.  He estimated the number to be around 300,000,000 million cells released - per event - all trying to reach the same goal!  So, if YOU are the only one that made it through that process, (only 1 out of 300,000,000 makes it!), do you think there just might be a higher purpose for your life?  If so, what did you come here for and are you going to make a difference?

Next, think about all of the natural gifts that humans are born with and how they might serve others?  There are clues all around us, including, our unique personality styles as well as our natural gifts including, physical, musical, problem solving, spatial, linguistics, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and spiritual gifts, all which can determine where we are best suited to serve. 

For humanity, “our purpose can really be described as a single over-arching purpose:  “To serve one another”; and, then it can be broken down to a specific purpose – based upon your inherent gifts that you can personally serve humanity with, in your own way.  Also, as stated in ancient text, “If you wish to be great, you must first become a servant.” As stated by the late Earl Nightingale, “Our rewards in life will equal the quality and quantity of our service to others.”

Good Services = Good Rewards

Excellent Services = Excellent Rewards

Poor or No Service = Poor or No Rewards

In conclusion, there are also “titles” like teacher, advocate, artist, and mentor, protector, etc., that have obvious fields of activity, which can also be the exact fit.  Doing something for its higher purpose, adds meaning and the satisfaction of knowing “why” we are doing something beyond just, “making money.”  My goal may be to make money however; my purpose is to serve others in a specific way that only I can, which matches my unique talents and gifts.  When I am “On purpose,” I am in the zone or flow; and, that is where my true power resides.   

“Take today to learn, tonight to ponder, and tomorrow to act.”            - Jim Rohn

What about you; will you take the time to ponder that question, and research long enough to identify your true purpose? 




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