Who Are You?

Who are you? 

Have you ever stopped long enough to ponder that question?  This is one of the most important questions that you will answer in your life; because it is tied your success in every endeavor that you may pursue.  Unfortunately, it’s not a subject taught in school, or by our parents; however, it is a question that we must all discover on our own.   

In order to answer this “life defining” question, you must become more “self-aware” in order to really know “who you are” and “what you came here to do.”  It goes much deeper than: 

  • getting through school
  • getting a good job
  • finding a mate / starting a family
  • having quality friends;
  • making lots of money

It has more to do with YOU - having a significant reason or purpose for doing what you do - and the decisions that you make will be tied to that purpose, if you intend to be “true to yourself.”  (This purpose could change also, at some point)

We all have our own definitions of success however, "who we are is not defined by our external reality, but rather by our inner states of mind."  In other words, are we happy, at peace, optimistic, and being clear about our own lives and where we are going; or, are we simply surviving day to day, week by week, year by year; and simply drifting through life, as it unfolds? 

One of my favorite definitions of success is: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal.” It’s not instantaneous, and success requires much patience and accurate planning; also, the goal must be worth our very best efforts, to be considered worthy for us. 

Here are (2) Steps to discovering who you are:  

1.  First, according to the Manifesting True Success Meditation Program, (Oprah & Deepak, 2015), it’s more of a mental process and comes from “the deeper the source of your mental activity, i.e., meditation, reading, focus, research, etc., the more you will know who you are.” Also, as Deepak stated, “It’s the number 1 secret of my success!” Why?  Because, by knowing who you are, you will also know your purpose and what you are here to accomplish! 

 2. Next, go to a place where you can quiet your mind and think deeply about, which of these titles fit you best:

  • Teaching others                                                                  Pursuing creative expression
  • Protecting the weak                                                            Promoting Peace
  • Service to others                                                                 Being of Service
  • Promoting Culture                                                               Love & Compassion for all

In conclusion, once you have identified which title best describes you, then determine if you are currently on the right path to fulfill that purpose.  If not, you will have some decisions to make.  It will take clarity, courage and having faith in your God given talents to align yourself with your true purpose.  The payoff will be well worth the investment. 

“If you are not passionate about your current work or vocation, you are wasting your life!...”

- Steve Jobs




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